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Picture of TP-Link Tapo C200 Connected Surveillance Camera Indoor White

TP-Link Tapo C200 Connected Surveillance Camera Indoor White

DESCRIPTION The advantages of the product Night vision up to 9 meters Motion detection and notifications Sound and light alarm When you are at home there is always something you care about. This is where the smart camera works. It doesn't matter if your child is climbing into the kitchen cabinet, or the animal is stealing from the snacks, Tapo C200 helps you stay with them anytime, anywhere. Receive a notification whenever your camera detects motion and see a video clip of that motion to check everything. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Power supply Quick installation guide Camera base mounting screw Mounting template
486000 GNF
Picture of Ezviz C3X Outdoor Connected Surveillance Camera White

Ezviz C3X Outdoor Connected Surveillance Camera White

Built-in AI dual-lens Wi-Fi camera. Meet the world's first home security camera with a dual lens. Color night vision is now a reality, even in the absence of additional lighting, thanks to built-in artificial intelligence algorithms. You can now get accurate alerts when people and vehicles appear in the areas you specified. Protect yourself in a high-tech and professional way with the C3X camera. The first dual-lens security camera. This 2MP dual-lens camera setup delivers vivid color images: one lens records ambient light and the other captures color information. The two images are then combined using EZVIZ's proprietary algorithm to create an image rich in detail and lifelike color. Revolutionary color night vision without lighting. The best way to achieve color night vision until now has been to use fill light - with the C3X camera, those days are over. The C3X camera uses two lenses and two infrared LEDs to produce better color images, even in the lowest light conditions. No more need for lighting. The colors of the C3X camera are more natural and the image is illuminated more evenly. Recording of people and vehicles triggered by motion detection. With its built-in deep learning model, the C3X camera can detect human shapes and moving vehicles in real time. Now you can receive the precise motion detection alerts you've always wanted. When no one is there to watch, the C3X camera takes over. Actively protects the places that matter. The C3X camera allows you to trace specific areas on the EZVIZ app to protect what matters most to you. You can choose to prevent people, cars, or both from entering these areas. When an object of interest is detected, the camera sounds a loud siren and flashes the flashlight to chase away intruders. You will receive a notification within a fraction of a second. Personalize your voice alerts. The C3X camera lets you record your own voice for a personalized greeting or deterrent. For example, when a visitor parks their car in a restricted area, the camera plays a pre-recorded message asking them to move. Save money on storage and bandwidth. Using the latest H.265 video compression technology, the C3X camera produces clearer and smoother video while reducing bandwidth and data storage space requirements. Designed to withstand all kinds of weather. With its all-metal housing and IP67 rating, the camera can withstand rain, sun, storm and even snow, so you can have peace of mind all year round. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Drilling template ; Screwing kit; Sealing kit ; 1.5 m power adapter; Quick Start Guide
2065000 GNF
Picture of Xiaomi Mi Home 360 ​​° 2K Indoor Connected Surveillance Camera White

Xiaomi Mi Home 360 ​​° 2K Indoor Connected Surveillance Camera White

DESCRIPTION 360 ° Vision, Complete Home Protection - Double motor to achieve 360 ​​° horizontal and 96 ° vertical vision. Shockproof design and quiet camera motor ensure rotation to stay smooth and quiet. New and better night vision The f / 2.1 aperture allows for better light absorption, while the 8-bulb 940nm infrared illuminator increases visibility. It is now easier to see in the dark. 1080p high definition image quality The Mi Camera 360 ° offers perfect image quality. With its 2.0 megapixel sensor, 1080p resolution and wide dynamic range, even distant backgrounds are crisp and detailed. Full colors in low light All-new low-light true color technology allows you to see a full color palette even in the last hours of the day, without switching to infrared lighting which can only provide a black and white image. AI motion detection alert Through the integration of deep learning technology and targeted optimization of algorithms and network software, the camera is able to accurately determine when to alert and notify you on your phone. Store your videos with ease Network Attached Storage (NAS) support. Network devices or routers with storage capabilities can be used to store files that are backed up from SD cards to NAS storage devices. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED User manual x 1 Cable x 1 Accessories bag for wall installation wall accessories x 1
608000 GNF
Picture of Ezviz C6W Indoor Smart Surveillance Camera Gray

Ezviz C6W Indoor Smart Surveillance Camera Gray

DESCRIPTION The decorative object that protects your home. Sleek and versatile, the C6W camera is enough to protect a large home. It records in 2K resolution and automatically tracks movement with 4x zoom to make sure nothing is hidden from view. Records every corner in 2K resolution. The small but powerful camera records images in 2K resolution, offering super sharp details even in 4x digital zoom. Motion tracking with automatic zoom, especially human movements. Once the auto zoom tracking feature is enabled, the camera automatically zooms up to 4 times to track a moving object so you can easily determine what is happening during live view. The app also offers the ability to track movements that are uniquely human. Covering an entire room is a snap. Keep an eye on every corner with a single C6W camera. Its expansive 360-degree field of view provides full coverage so you don't miss a thing. True WDR technology for incredibly sharp images. The C6W camera uses sensor-based True WDR technology to eliminate overexposure or underexposure in high contrast scenes, delivering images with uniform brightness from dawn to dusk. Two-way conversation. Use the EZVIZ app on your mobile device to contact your home while you are away. You will appreciate the ability to have a two-way conversation in which the two parties can talk and hear each other, just like in a regular phone call. See better, even in the dark. The C6W camera uses two powerful infrared lights to deliver crisp night images from up to 10 meters away. Because it's smart enough to automatically switch between day and night vision, you can rest assured that your home and your belongings are protected 24/7. H.265 video compression The camera features H.265 video compression technology, which achieves better video quality using barely half the bandwidth and storage space than the previous H.264 video compression standard. . We protect your data and your privacy. Our top priority is to protect your data and your privacy. Data transmission between the camera and the EZVIZ cloud is end-to-end encrypted. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED 3 meter power cable; Power adapter; Drilling template ; Base; Screw kit; Regulatory information; Quick Start Guide
1215000 GNF
Picture of Ezviz C8C Outdoor Connected Surveillance Camera White

Ezviz C8C Outdoor Connected Surveillance Camera White

DESCRIPTION Break down visual boundaries. The C8C is EZVIZ’s first Wi-Fi motorized outdoor camera, a huge revolution combining beautiful design with comprehensive functionality. Capturing more detail than ordinary outdoor cameras, this camera provides comprehensive outdoor protection with high reliability. See everything in detail. This camera captures images and videos in high definition 1080p, recording every moment with great clarity. A better day starts with better vision. Your surroundings are covered by this panoramic camera. With its 352 ° horizontal rotation and 95 ° vertical rotation, the C8C gives you a simple overview of everything around you. Plus, the EZVIZ app brings it all together right on your smartphone or mobile device. AI assisted intrusion detection. Smarter than ever! Modernizing simple motion detection, the built-in AI algorithm intelligently detects the movement of human forms in real time. You will be notified immediately if people enter your custom detection area. Strobe light for enhanced protection. Supplied with two spots for active protection, this camera allows you to trigger the light manually through the app or set it to go off as soon as a passage of people is detected. Three night vision modes are available to meet all needs. Night Vision in Color - Your night vision is now illuminated, rendered vividly and in color thanks to two integrated projectors and professional optical lenses. Black & White Night Vision - If you don’t need additional lighting, simply set the camera to Black & White night vision mode through the EZVIZ app and you will still be able to see 30 meters away. Smart Night Vision - In this mode, the C8C will automatically switch from black and white surveillance to color surveillance, turning on the spotlights when it detects human movement. The alert video will be recorded in color, allowing you to get all the details you need. That's pretty smart! Durable and stylish design. Say goodbye to clutter. This device adopts a new round and compact design with a simple black and white housing. Its elegance allows it to embellish your life, and its simplicity to integrate it everywhere. Plus, its waterproof design allows it to run uninterrupted regardless of the weather - wind, rain or snow. Hear what's going on. The built-in noise-canceling microphone captures clear sound so you can hear and determine what's going on in your backyard wherever you are. H.265 video technology. The C8C camera incorporates advanced H.265 video compression technology, which achieves better video quality while occupying only half the bandwidth and storage space compared to the video compression standard previous (H.264). ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Power adapter with 1.5 meter cable Screw kit Sealing kit Drilling template Regulatory information Quick Start Guide
1337000 GNF